Electrical equipment is used for the transmission and distribution of electrical energy. This includes transformers, low-voltage distributions, cables and busbars. The resulting magnetic fields can be efficiently shielded with Systron PowerShield® or Systron CableShield®. The shielding is used in form of area and room shielding or as component shielding.

Shielding transformer station

Systron PowerShield® area shielding is used to reduce low-frequency magnetic fields such as those generated in transformer stations and thus protect persons or equipment from the fields. The area shielding can be installed in the transformer stations themselves or in affected neighbouring rooms.

With the shielding, legal or technical limit values are complied with, or, as a precaution, field exposure to people are kept as low as possible. The area shields are used for small and large areas.

The Systron PowerShield® area shielding system consists of a combination of magnetically and electrically conductive metals and is typically used to limit low-frequency magnetic fields with frequencies from 16.7Hz, 50Hz to approx. 1000Hz. The shielding plates can be mounted on floors, walls or ceilings.

Conduit block / Pipe block shielding

Systron CableShield® conduit block shielding is used to reduce the electromagnetic fields of buried high-voltage cables. This ensures perfect compliance with the immission and installation limit values.

The shielding consists of corrosion-resistant elements that can be strung together and is specially designed for installation in the ground. Installation is extremely simple and requires no special tools. The shielding is individually dimensioned for the corresponding conduit blocks and current strengths.

Cable tray shielding

The Systron CableShield® cable tray shielding is based on the proven Systron PowerShield® composite panel system and used for field reduction on cable trays with typically 50 Hz mains frequency. The cable tray shields effectively reduce stray fields from single and multi-conductor cables.

The cable tray shielding is used wherever the stray fields of cables must be reduced to protect equipment or people. Typical places of application are hospitals and research laboratories, but also industrial environments and office buildings. The shielding system consists of shielding elements that can be lined up in a row, simply hung on cable trays and closed with the cover.

Busbar shielding

Systron CableShield® busbar shielding is used to reduce magnetic fields on busbars. The shielding is based on the proven Systron PowerShield® composite panel system. The shielding efficiently reduces stray fields from busbars / bus ducts.

The busbar shielding consists of elements that can be lined up and is used wherever the stray fields from busbars have to be reduced to protect equipment or people. The shielding elements are manufactured to suit the various dimensions and current strengths. Typical places of use are research laboratories, but also industrial environments, office buildings and hospitals.

Transformer shielding

The Systron PowerShield® transformer shielding reduces the stray fields from oil and dry-type or cast-resin transformers. The transformer shielding system, also known as compact shielding, was developed in particular to comply with the plant limit value, AGW, according to the Swiss NISV. The shielding reduces the magnetic fields upwards and to the side.

The shielding was developed for transformers of different power and dimensions and is available in various dimensions and shielding factors for transformers up to 1600kVA.