Magnetic direct fields and low-frequency alternating fields are measured with calibrated instruments. A typical application is the monitoring of magnetic field strengths as they occur, for example, at workplaces, in research rooms, at railroad installations and high-voltage power lines. The measurements can be used to check compliance with limit values, or to show which sources are present and the strength of interference fields  that they generate.

All measuring devices used are portable and capable of recording values over a longer period of time. The devices are used for the simultaneous, three-dimensional recording of magnetic fields. Depending on the devices, the sensitivity ranges from nanotesla to picotesla.

Magnetic field measurements can also be used to conduct a site survey during the planning phase. Based on the measurement results, recommendations for suitable shielding measures can be made.

For example, we carry out the following magetic field measurements for our customers:

  • Magnetic field measurements of single components
  • Long-term measurements of magnetic fields over several days or weeks
  • Magnetic field measurements of transformer stations, railroad lines, LV distribution systems, etc.
  • Complex site surveys for planned or existing research rooms