Magnets typically generate very strong static magnetic fields. This applies to both permanent magnets and electromagnets, such as those used in NMR or MRI. Depending on the application, these fields must be reduced.

NMR-Shielding Institute Pasteur Paris

At the Institute Pasteur, an NMR is installed next to a magnetic field sensitive laboratory. The static magnetic field of this strong magnet must be reduced so that it is < 73 µT everywhere in the sensitive laboratory. Field strengths of up to 500 µT were measured before the shielding was installed.

Using FEM simulations, a suitable shielding solution was developed around the magnet. Due to the very strong magnetic fields, the shielding was made of final annealed pure iron, as the saturation flux density of this material is very high.

The final measurements showed that the static magnetic field in the sensitive area could be reduced to significantly <73 µT.