Customised shields, often called “zero Gauss chambers”, are manufactured according to the specific requirements of the customer. Applications range from the smallest shielding in the millimetre range to special designs for machines or research equipment. Such shields are used in countless applications, e.g. in satellites, Formula 1 race cars, medical technology, train monitoring sensors, electronic weighing systems, metal separators, magnetic stirrers and many more.

Device shielding

Although magnetic shielding is often referred to as a “zero Gauss chamber”, absolute shielding of magnetic fields to “zero Gauss” is only theoretically possible. In practice, a residual field, however small, will always remain.

Magnetic shields for devices and components are built according to the customer’s requirements. Depending on the application, either nickel iron, so-called “Mu metal”, silicon iron, so-called “transformer metal sheet/electrical metal sheet” or pure iron, usually combined with aluminium, are used. The parts are designed in the 3D-CAD programme and manufactured individually as one-offs or in series. If the highest shielding properties are required, a so-called “final annealing” is necessary. “Final annealing”, or thermally treated material, subsequently has significantly better magnetic shielding properties.