Systron LabShield® was developed especially for the magnetic shielding with mu-metal (permalloy) of laboratories with particularly sensitive equipment. Systron LabShield®  mu-metal (permalloy) shielding protects against magnetic fields as room shielding or in the form of shielding booths. Systron LabShield® meets the ever-increasing demands on the electromagnetic environment of electron beam equipment. The shielding is individually designed to meet the existing requirements. With the shielding, excellent attenuation values are achieved for both static DC fields and AC fields.

The basis of Systron LabShield® consists of thermally treated nickel-iron. This is also known colloquially as “mu-metal” or “permalloy”. In this annealed condition, shielding factors are possible with nickel-iron sheets which are impossible to achieve with silicon iron (transformer sheet, electrical sheet, dynamo sheet) based solutions.

Depending on the required attenuation, the material quality, material thickness and material combination are determined. The choice of materials also determines the frequency range in which the shielding is to be effective.

Typical interference frequencies are the static DC field (earth’s magnetic field), slowly changing DC fields and AC fields with typical low frequencies of 16.7Hz / 50Hz and their harmonics.

For electron microscopy rooms, a shielding factor of at least 10-20 is often required. However, with appropriate choice of material thickness, much higher reduction factors can be achieved. With a nested construction, the shielding factors can even be multiplied.

In order for the very sensitive Mu-metal to achieve the optimum shielding effect, the substructure and the protection of the material are also of central importance, as any mechanical stress on the material leads to a weakening of the shielding effect.

The Systron LabShield® concept typically includes the design and installation of these layers.

In addition, the system can be supplemented with active cancellation, which is optimally integrated into the room design.

Systron is therefore also able to plan and build entire rooms with optimally integrated shielding in 3D.

Technical specifications:

Material thickness: 1-2 mm
Weight: 8kg/m² to 11kg/m²
Frequency range: DC – 1000Hz
Shielding factor: ca. 30 @ DC, 8 – 150 @ Near-DC, 8 – 150 @ 50Hz
Laboratory rooms with electron beam equipment