Medical devices such as EEG, EKG, EMG or insulin pumps but also medical implants are sensitive to magnetic fields. Accordingly, the environment for the safe operation of these devices must meet certain requirements. In particular, EEG, EKG and EMG devices based on the measurement of electrical body currents are sensitive to magnetic fields. Corresponding limit values are therefore specified in DIN VDE 0100-710 or ÖNORM E8007 2007-12-01, the standards for “Power installations in hospitals and medically used rooms”.

Shielding of medically used rooms

Systron PowerShield® based room or area shielding can be used to effectively protect medically used rooms such as intensive care rooms or operating rooms from magnetic fields. In hospitals, a combination of room shielding and object shielding is usually used. Room shielding reduces fields from distant sources such as railway systems or high-voltage lines, while object shielding reduces fields from local sources such as electrical distributors, cable routes or risers.