Systron PowerShield® is used to shield low-frequency alternating fields. The patented shielding system consists of a combination of magnetically and electrically conductive metal sheets. Systron PowerShield® is used as surface shielding in the form of wall, ceiling or floor shielding, especially in electrical rooms or in rooms that are to be protected from external magnetic fields. Systron PowerShield® is also the basis for other systems such as Systron CableShield®, the shielding system for cable trays, conduit blocks or busbars.

Systron PowerShield® is available in two versions. The first version consists of silicon iron (electrical metal sheet) and a top layer of aluminium. This is suitable for use in dry indoor areas. The corrosion-resistant version is made with nickel iron (Mu-metal)  instead of silicon iron.

The individual aluminium plates are welded together to achieve the best possible shielding effect.

Technical specifications

Material thickness: approx. 3mm
Weight: 8kg/m² to 11kg/m²
Frequency range: 10Hz to 100kHz
Shielding factor: approx. 10 @ 16.7 Hz, 20 @ 50 Hz, 100 @ 300 Hz