Systron CableShield® is used for the reduction of electromagnetic fields generated by electric cables. Systron CableShield® is also used as a route shielding for low-voltage cables or as conduit block shielding for buried medium and high-voltage cables.

The system consists of several composite layers of aluminium and silicon iron. The silicon iron is arranged between two aluminium layers in order to reduce as much as possible the magnetic fields generated by cable lines.

The simple geometry of a “U-shaped” bottom part and a cover, which are connected by aluminium screws, guarantee simple assembly without special tools. The standard length of the elements is 100 cm; the width and height of the elements are designed specifically for each application.

For conduit block applications, the elements are manufactured to be waterproofed and resist corrosion.

Technical specifications

Material thickness : Total approx. 3mm
16.7 Hz / 50 Hz
Waterproof: Waterproof for conduit block applications
Installation: Easy installation without special tools
Shielding factor: approx. 10 @ 16.7 Hz, 20 @ 50 Hz